Nadine &


The staff at Pure Paradise Pets had been helping me choose the best food for my Sandy for many years.

Rachael &

Mr Fluffy

Mr Fluffy loves his new toys we got him for his birthday. Thank you so much for all you help Domenic!

Louisa &


I highly recommend Pure Paradise for chew toys, leashes and treats. It's so close to home too!

Cute Critters.

Hold them, love them. Take them home.

From hampsters to Rabbits to Ferrets and Hedge Hogs. Pure Paradise Pets has a large selection to choose from. Stop by our Johnston location. They love company.


Furry Friends.

Yikes! Gigantic Spiders & Insects.

Creepy but cool! Pure Paradise pets has many different spiders, snakes and insects available. We also provide tanks, cages and food as well as other accessories.


Reptile Parties.

Call Jim today to party details.

Have your party be the talk of the town and not one soon to forget. Hold (while supervised) lizards, snakes and other reptiles in your own home!!! Your child will thank you for it.


Call us at 401-231-5710

to Book a Reptile Party!

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